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The Vancouver Cantata Singers is a not-for-profit charitable organization and depends on ticket sales, annual contributions from individuals and corporations and government grants for financial support.

Your donation helps us:

  • Sustain the VCS commitment to artistic excellence
  • Expand artistic programming
  • Maintain and broaden educational outreach programs
  • Support local artists, composers and publishers
  • Develop young talent 
  • Support Vancouver’s vibrant music scene
  • Create exceptional choral performances that are accessible to all.

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You have the option for making a one-time gift, or becoming a monthly donor. Gifts over $25 receive an official tax receipt and will be recognized in Vancouver Cantata Singers’ programs throughout the year.

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To donate to us by mail, send all correspondence to the address below:

Vancouver Cantata Singers
1254 W 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6H 1B6

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How else can you help?


Held in trust by the Vancouver Foundation, the Vancouver Cantata Singers Endowment Fund was set up in 2018 to support our long-term goals including the support of local artists. The initial gift to create this fund was made ‘in memory of Ti-La Kremer’.

The Vancouver Cantata Singers created this fund to ensure steady income in supporting the long-term goals of the organization and are seeking to grow the fund to ensure we can indefinitely support our local artists.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vancouver Cantata Singers Endowment Fund, or if you would like to make our fund part of your legacy, we’d love to chat with you about this initiative!

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By supporting the Vancouver Cantata Singers and its extraordinary programs and events, local companies enhance their brand, build business relationships, reward employees, strengthen reputations for corporate citizenship, and communicate key messages to loyal audiences. We off a range of sponsorship opportunities, including:

Support a Concert
Sponsor a concert, or an entire series, and receive prominent recognition in our programs, online, and more.

Support an Artist
Sponsor an artist, soloist, composer or arranger.

For more information and to discuss a range of opportunites for your business, please Contact Us

Volunteer With Us

Become part of the team. We are looking for help at concerts, events, and in the office. Please contact VCS General Manager Melissa Duchak to discuss volunteer opportunities.


Thank you to all those who support us!

Endowment Fund Donors

The Kremer family in memory of Ti-La

Beth & Robert Helsley, Jesse Read & Rapti Dietrich

Up to $999
Trevor Mangion


Jay Biskupski & Catherine Imrie, Paula Kremer, Robert & Michele Michaleski.

Maureen Bennington, Beth & Douglas Colpitts, Rapti Dietrich & Jesse Read, Lesley & Gordon Finlay, Janet Gannon, Beth & Robert Helsley, Michelle Herrewynen & Alan Woodland, Janice & J. Evan Kreider in memory of Curtis Funk, Paul Kreider, Alyssa & Bill Sunderland in honour of Evan Krieder, Troy Topnik, Anonymous in memory of Dr Gunnar Brosamler, Anonymous in memory of Ti-La.

Darcy & Angela Clarkson, Missy Clarkson, Fiona Lam in memory of Dr. Bik May Wai & Dr. Chung Nin Lam, Paddy MacLeod, Peter Mercer, Lilliana Merler in memory of Ezio Merler, Larry Nickel, Dr. Langston Raymond, Andy Robb, Paul Waller.

Matthew Fisher, Kathy & Stan Hamilton, Derwyn & Janet Lea, Daniel Marshall & Maximiliano Schneider, James McDowell, Anthea Piets, Asha Pratt-Johnson, Elaine Sawyer, Matthew Stephenson, Kenneth Topnik, Laura Vogt, 1 anonymous.

Up to $249
Bruce Adams in memory of Rae Smart, Melanie Adams, Robin Baugh, John Behr, Christopher & Rosemary Bell, Jay Berney, Eric Biskupski, Norma Boutillier, Ann Cameron & Martin Landmann, Sharon Cameron, David Cannell, Hilary Carle, Selena Chang, Adrian Chantler, Emily Cheung, Christina Cho, Derrick Christian, Pia Christensen, Mary Lynn Clark, Adrian & Sarah Conradi, Lindiwe Coyne, Elizabeth Davies, Gloria Davies, Shelagh Davies, Phillip Dollan, Leslie Duchak, Dr. JFT Dresselhuis, Margot Ehling, Joanne Fairbrother in memory of her parents, Lyndsay Fukushima, William Ferris, Mavis Friesen, Suzy Funk, Marissa Gaetanne, Sheila Gair, Allan Gautier, Joy Gibson, Judy Glabb, Lesley Goodbrand, Linda Graham, Scott Griffin, Wendy Hall, Glenn Hansen, Anne Harvey, Jody Herrewynen, Nancy Hood, Lubica Horvath, Nina Horvath, Elizabeth Jones, Stephen Keary, Val & Mark Kinnee, Adrienne Lyall, Cathy MacDonell, Louisa Mauw, Patrick May on behalf of The Vancouver Chopin Society, Laurie McGillivray, Sarah McGrath, Wendy McMillan, Sarah McNair, Brenda Millar, Peter Monahan, Christina Modonese, Jennifer & Pedro Moss, Cheryl Niamath, Sharon Newman, Benila Ninan, Roberta Paula, Terry Pitt-Brooke, Sonia Plewa, Therese Pope, Thomas Quigley in memory of Sara Gaddes, Diane & Brian Pratt-Johnson, Jo-Anne Preston, Dave Rosborough, Leola Mae Runions, C.D. Saint, Marne St Claire, Antonina Salivon, Jomar Santos, Jim Sanyshyn, Evelyn Schofield, Shirley Sexsmith, Taka Shimojima, Karen Shuster, Ted Slater in memory of Douglas E. Harker, Bonnie Stebbings, Betty Suderman, Rachel Telling, Paul Thiessen, Alison Thomas, Richard Unger, Olga Volkoff, Barrie Vickers, Shawn Wakley, Wendy & Chris Walker, Alison Watt, Nigel Wells, Claire Westlake, Gwyneth  Westwick, Eric Wilson, James Wright, Anne Wyness, 1 anonymous.