Moving Stories

In early 2021, the Vancouver Cantata Singers reached out to the community to share stories of the COVID-19 pandemic. We heard a broad range of stories, transforming these experiences into inclusive art pieces that featured visual storytelling, the spoken word and choral music. The collected stories were paired with performances of choral music that were presented on video, and in concert. Each video, in its unique way, portrayed the essence of the personal experience that was shared.


Final Chapter: Jordi’s Story – Stars


“I wrote this song during COVID to express my feelings of disconnectedness from everything due to the virus, and hoped to convey my feelings of loneliness in a way that people can relate to. I have been singing since I was very little, and have been in school choir every year that I could be. I have been writing music since fifth grade (now in grade 11) and enjoy playing my new pieces for friends, family, and now, all of you.”


This is Jordi’s story. Written at the start of the pandemic in 2020, these lyrics sum it up perfectly: “At 6 feet apart everyone’s far away as the stars, No one knows when this is gonna end.”


The Vancouver Cantata Singers and Artistic Director Paula Kremer perform: Jordi Whiting’s Stars, arranged by Sam Dabrusin


Silence and Music: Moving Stories and Remembrance Christ Church Cathedral November 6, 2021



Chapter Two: Daniel’s Story – Donny the Dog


“Smallest is the biggest thing, and in all the world is the love from me to you”.


This is Daniel’s story. A pandemic puppy, and learning to appreciate that with a dog like Donny, it’s the small things that suddenly become so precious.


The Vancouver Cantata Singers and Artistic Director Paula Kremer perform: Erika Lloyd’s Cells Planets, arranged for choir by Vince Petersen.

Soloists: Melanie Adams, Troy Topnik, Sarah McGrath


From the Musica Universalis: Music of the Spheres concert at Blusson Spinal Cord Centre – February 23, 2019


November 6, 2021 – Silence and Music: Moving Stories and Remembrance

Choral music inspired by your ‘Moving Stories’ and songs of peace. As we collectively heal and care for one another, we embrace each other’s stories. As we love and honour those no longer with us, we do not forget.
Featured composers include Ruth Watson Henderson, Jaako Mäntyjärvi, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Eriks Ešenvalds.

Chapter One: Jesse’s Story – Seawall Masks


The Vancouver Cantata Singers and Artistic Director Paula Kremer perform: Agnus Dei transcribed from Adagio for Strings, Op.11 by Samuel Barber


From the Chichester Psalms Concert Pacific Spirit Church, Vancouver, BC November 5, 2016