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The Vancouver Cantata Singers is a not-for-profit charitable organization and depends on ticket sales, annual contributions from corporations and individuals, and government grants for its financial support. The Vancouver Cantata Singers continues to bring Vancouver audiences musical events of the highest calibre, and we hope you will help us. Gifts from individuals like you play a major role in Vancouver Cantata Singers’ ability to maintain the highest artistic standards and to expand our musical programs. More importantly, it brings a community together.

To donate to the Vancouver Cantata Singers, please click on the button below. You have the option of making a one-time gift, or becoming a monthly donor.

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Thank you for your support of the Vancouver Cantata Singers! Gifts over $25 receive an official tax receipt and will be recognized in the Vancouver Cantata Singers’ programs throughout the year.

If you’d prefer a mail-in method, please mail a cheque to:

Vancouver Cantata Singers
1254 W 7th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V6H 1B6


By supporting the Vancouver Cantata Singers and its extraordinary programs and events, local and global companies enhance their brand, build business relationships, reward employees, strengthen reputations for corporate citizenship, and communicate key messages to loyal audiences.


CONCERTS: Support a concert, or an entire series, and receive prominent recognition in our programs, online, and more.

ARTISTS: Sponsor a guest artist or soloist, and receive recognition in our programs, online, and more.

For more information and a full sponsorship package, please contact Michelle at or call 604-730-8856.




Supports Vancouver’s local art scene, which encourages a healthy and vibrant city,

Supports hiring local musicians, composers, publishers, and production staff, allowing for seasoned artists and young talent to thrive,

Allows us to continue and expand our ongoing musical education outreach programs,

And creates high quality performances that are accessible to all.

Be part of the team. Help us at concerts, events, and in the office. Please contact Michelle at, to discuss volunteer opportunities.

Many people choose to leave a gift for their beloved charity in their will. Consider leaving a legacy gift for Vancouver Cantata Singers in your will.

THANK YOU to all those who have supported us this last and current season!









Individuals (current and past season)


$3000 +

Robert & Michele Michaleski



Beth & Robert Helsley

Janice & J. Evan Kreider

Paula Kremer



In memory of Gunnar Brosamler

Dalton Kremer

Jesse Read & Rapti Dietrich

in memory of Ezio Merler

Alan Woodland & Michelle Herrewynen



Darcy Clarkson

Paul Kreider

Derwyn & Janet Lea

Dr. Langston Raymond

Troy Topnik



Boaz Av Ron

Kathy Hamilton

Andrei Krassioukov

Fiona Lam

in memory of Dr. Bik May Wai

& Dr. Chung Nin Lam

Adrienne Lyall

Paddy MacLeod

James McDowell

Sarah McNair

Up to $249 

David Aboussafy

Billian Beath

Catherine Bennington

Maureen Bennington

Yasaman Best

Sian Blyth

Andy Booth

Norma Boutillier

Rachel Brown

Anthony Chahal

David Chan

Thomas & Theresa Chang

Tiffany Chen

John Chernesky

Christina Cho

Derrick Christian

Penny Clarke-Richardson

Missy Clarkson

Doug & Beth Colpitts

Adrian and Sarah Conradi

Jacques Courteau

Jacqueline Cragg

Peter Cripton

Sam Dabrusin

Shelagh Davies

Christopher Doughty

Veronica Dyck

Margot Ehling

Stacy Elliott

Elspeth Finlay

Scott Griffin

Kathy & Stan Hamilton

Nina Horvath

David Li

Daniel Marshall

Patrick & Nancy May

Kathryn & Christopher McBride

Sarah McGrath

Wendy McMillan

Patricia Mills

Wayne Moore

Tim Murphy

Cheryl Niamath

Kent & Linda Niamath

Tim O’Connor

Aaron Phillips

Anthea Piets

Hilary Piets

Amelia Pitt-Brooke

Asha Pratt-Johnson

Jo-Anne Preston

Jacqueline Quandt

Matthew Ramer

Anthony Roper

C.D. Saint

Maria Santacruz

Jim Sanyshyn

Bonnie Sawatzky

Tessa Schmidt


Joshua Scurll

Whitney Sedgewick

Tracey Shelley

Karen Shuster

Brad Skeats

Clinton Stoffberg

Lynn Stothers

Rachel Telling

Darren Tereposky

Paul Tigchelaar

Paul Thiessen

Kennith Topnik

Tu Vu

Chris & Wendy Walker

Christopher West

Megan Williamson

James Wright

Anne Wyness

Michelle Yale